Michael S. Denbar D.D.S

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Your oral health is important to us. We provide Comprehensive Dental Care including but not limited to the following dental services:

  Dental Examination
   Includes Oral Cancer
    Screening and
    Periodontal (gum)
  Cosmetic Dentistry
  •    Bonding
  •    Bleaching
  •    Lumineers
  •    Other Veneers

  Oral Hygiene Care   Dentures
  •    Cleanings
  •    Non Surgical
        Periodontal (gum)
  •    Complete Home
         Care Instructions
  •    Full Dentures
  •    Partial Dentures
        Made with Specialized
        Thermolabile Acrylics,
        for a more natural
        and non-metalic smile

  Restorative Dental

  •    Crowns
  •    Bridges
  •    Composite (Tooth
        Colored) Fillings
  •    Sealants
  •    Other Customized

  •  Night Guards

  •  Endodontic care
  •    Root Canals

  •  Dental Implant

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